Mommy and Me Halloween Costumes

By September 15, 2009 Costume Adventures No Comments

wwThis Halloween, how about making the trick or treating experience even more special by dressing up with your daughter. Whether you’re handing out candy or accompanying your daughter door to door, your added participation send the message to your daughter that you share her enthusiasm. There are so many adult costumes that match with kids costumes the combinations are innumerable.

Little girls idolize their moms and love to do things with them.   Now that my daughter is a preteen, we look back on our special mother/daughter memories such as having tea parties with her and her stuffed animals, having spa days when I would polish her nails and she would polish my nails (and fingers and portions of the towel I rested my hands on).  I would always dress up with her in her dress up clothes but we never had the chance to dress in costume together.  Not she’s too mature for dressing up.  If I could go back and do it again, here are some of the mother/daughter Halloween costumes I would pick:

I’m a fanatic for taking pictures. I wish I had some of those pictures to add to our family album. Kids grow so fast and you can’t get the time back. Even if you feel silly dressing up in matching costumes, its no more silly than dad feels while playing Barbie with his little girl. Your child will love it and you will be so happy you did it. Remember, it’s all about them.