Costume SuperCenter Devastated by Superstorm Sandy

In our previous post, I gave suggestions on how to prepare for a Hurricane. Although everyone at Costume SuperCenter heeded the advice and came out safe, our office was no match for the storm surge of Superstorm Sandy.

We have had nor’easters, tropical storms and drenching rains and never has a drop of water infiltrated our office until now. Mind you, we are in a wooded industrial complex that backs to the marshes of the Raritan River, about 2 miles from the Raritan Bay and Atlantic Ocean. Image the severity of the storm surge that was able to rush nearly two miles inland and cause 4 feet of flood damage to our company. It is really unbelievable.

We were able to find some product in the lower two shelves of the warehouse that we could save but the majority was a total loss. As of today, there is still now power but we have been working very hard via generator power to begin the cleaning and rebuilding process. Everyone from executive management to warehouse staff has come together to help. A special clean-up company has already gutted the offices, removed all of the flooring, thrown out the furniture and removed all the trash. Furthermore, all of the damaged merchandise has been thrown away and the warehouse is being strubbed, sanitized and dried out.

We expect to have power in the next day or two so we can begin to recount our inventory. We may be able to begin processing returns in the next week.

Thank you all for your patience as we rebuild. In the coming weeks we will share our progress via our blog and Costume SuperCenter Facebook page. Our goal is to be back and better than ever before you know it.

Here are some photographs, with captions, showing our office and warehouse. Believe us when we say that every day it gets better.

This is the exterior entrance to our main office. Notice the level of the waterline across the doors and along the left wall.

The lobby was destroyed by flood waters. Debris floated in from other parts of the office.

The power of the storm surge moved soaking wet boxes from pallets and shelves, all over the floor.

Thousands of dollars of IT equipment was washed away when the water level rose above the desks.

All product on the lower shelves of our entire warehouse has been ruined. The initial cleanup has been finished as of this posting.

Our neatly organized Customer Service Call Center is now a tangle of wet chairs and misplaced items.