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January 16, 2014 by

Propose to Your Love in Costume this Valentine’s Day

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engagement ring in fortune cookie

According to statistics, 6 Million people proposed to their significant others last Valentine’s Day. If you are planning to pop the question on that day, or any day, you want to make it memorable.

The people in the videos below, however, got it right. We found five amazing videos of guys that proposed on video and in costumes. In some cases you won’t believe the lengths they went through to make everything perfect. Warning: have your tissues ready.

Fairytale Costume proposal: family and friends gathered dressed as almost every imaginable Disney character. The lengths this future groom took to make a fairytale proposal is amazing.

Peter Pan Proposal: This is the proposal of a lifetime for a young woman that is a lifelong fan of Peter Pan.

Gorilla Suit engagement: This guy dresses in a gorilla suit and goes to the school where his girlfriend works to propose to her in front of her class.

Police SWAT Team proposal:  A movie trailer, cops and flash mob, red carpet walk, police cars and sirens make this one a night to remember.

Shakespearian proposal: this actor interrupts a performance but remains in character while one of his costars brings his lucky lady on stage.

I can’t help but feel a twinge of jealousy when I hear about someone’s romantic proposals. When I became engages it was planned and thought out and hardly a surprise. Instead of getting on one knee in some romantic setting and asking, “Will you marry me?” my future husband sat beside on the couch, handed me a little box (already knowing my answer would be yes) and professed, “Well, here. I love you. I hope you like how it came out.” Not exactly the story you tell your kids. Take some advice from the guys in these videos and make it phenomenal.

If you are planning to pop the question, it doesn’t matter whether you are staging some elaborate presentation or planning an intimate evening, adding a theme and even a costume will make it even more dramatic and memorable.

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December 27, 2013 by

Find Fun and Adventure with Pirates at Gasparilla 2014

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Ahoy ye lads and lasses, Gasparilla is here!

Gasparilla logo

I have dreamed of being a pirate who travels the high seas with a rogue crew of pirates searching the islands for hidden treasure. I am serious. Have you ever imagined yourself being intimate with a dashing Pirate Captain? You are his wench and he showers you with jewels and trinkets from his bounty. You dress in fancy clothing and you are the envy of the whole crew because you get most of the Captain’s attention, and his money.

Seems a little scandalous, doesn’t it?

It is my greatest fantasy. While I was growing up, I watched all the old pirate movies. The historic renditions fascinated me most because they held true to the customs and dress of the time period being portrayed.

The ships were awesome with their haunted look. I imagine that many a Pirate was thrown overboard for being too ambitious or for chasing after the Captain’s Wench. In this daydream, that would be me.

Do you know what I loved even more than the adventure and the treasures? The costumes they wore. I find them fascinating to this day. There are festivals where you can dress the part of your favorite fantasy. Women pirates played many roles, from royalty to wench and all castes in between. A modern Pirate Faire will give me a chance to do a little Pirate role playing.

Want to hear my secret fantasy? I imagine myself a Pirate Wench,  a tough lady who is not so much a lady. I chew tobacco and spit, cuss like a sailor, wield a mean sword and I keep all those dastardly pirates at a distance. I am the envy of the Captain because I can sail the seas without the men’s crew, scavenger hunt all by myself and fight off the wild beasts of those deserted Caribbean islands. And Mate, I’m surly and strong enough to do it all by myself.

Now I have to admit, having a little company isn’t such a bad idea. Those nights get a little lonely. I would keep two or three pirate keeps around just for my pleasure. Now ye know they wouldn’t be complaining none.

I have a notion that if given the chance, I would enjoy being a wench more than a Queen Pirate. The thought of being a Pirate Queen passed through my mind once or twice, but I still favor being the Wench. For some reason, it seems like a Wench is more powerful than a Pirate Queen. I might get the chance to find out. This year’s calendar for Pirate and Renaissance Faires is filled with lots of events.

The next Pirate Event that I found on the calendar takes place next week  in Tampa, Florida. The event starts on January 25th, with a special Gasparilla for Children on January 18th so I need to hurry on making my plans. It would be a great mid -winter vacation place. If I miss this Pirate Faire, I’ll have other chances throughout the year. Pirates aren’t seasonal, you know. They come out to play and celebrate all year long.

The main decision that I need to make is what I should wear to the next Pirate Faire. Oh, I need to polish the old sword blade, too. I’m a bit rusty in dueling.

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December 26, 2013 by

10 Unusual New Year’s Resolutions for 2014

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It is time to start thinking about your New Year’s Resolutions now that Christmas has come and gone and the Santa costumes are on packed away.  Instead of the same boring New Year’s resolutions that hardly anyone ever keeps I figured I’d try something different. So goodbye to all the New Year’s diets I started that went caput by Valentine’s Day and so-long to being more organized because that just makes me forget where I put everything. This year I’m going for an unusual New Year’s resolution that I might have a better chance of keeping. Some are humorous, some are thoughtful, and all are worth your consideration.

  1. I will break a bad habit by replacing it with another one.
  2. I will learn one useless fact a day and share it with my co-workers.
  3. I will do at least one thing that gets the response, “I can’t believe you just did that,” but in a good way.
  4. I will come up with a clever new response when someone sneezes to replace God bless you.
  5. Each month, I will try a food I’ve never had: liver, tripe, sweetbreads, fois gras…
  6. Take a picture of my child every day for a year and post a time lapse video on You Tube.
  7. Grow my hair and donate it to Locks of Love.
  8. Be a real life Fairy Godmother and do a few good deeds.
  9. I will not purchase anything with change for a year. I will use a new bill every time and save all of my change.
  10. Learn to roll my r’s mainly because I’d like to eventually learn a romance language and also just because it sounds so sexy.

Write your resolutions on this form:

If you have a suggestion for an off beat New Year’s Resolution let us know by posting a comment. From all of your friends at Costume Supercenter, have a happy and safe New Year.

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October 21, 2013 by

‘Thanksgivukkah’ is a Once in a Lifetime Holiday

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What do you get on the very, very rare occasion that Hanukkah and Thanksgiving Day overlap? You get Thanksgivukkah of course!

This is a first. The last time the two holidays would have occurred together was in 1861 but Thanksgiving was not declared an National holiday until Lincoln established it two years later. This year, the first day of Hanukkah is on November 27th, the night before Thanksgiving which falls always falls on the fourth Thursday in November (the 28th this year).

It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity.

The standard Georgian calendar repeats on a 7 year cycle while the Jewish calendar is on a 19 year cycle. Using this formula you would expect this event to happen again in 133 year.  However, the Jewish calendar is very slowly getting out of sync with the solar calendar and it is skewing this formula. The next time Hanukkah will fall in November is in 2147 but that happens to be the Monday after Thanksgiving so this special event will never happen again. The only way it would be possible is if the earth is still in existence in 79,811.

Ways to celebrate Thanksgivukkah

The Food – Start with a Kosher brined turkey and stuff it with challah bread stuffing. For side dishes we love stuffed cabbage and potato latkes. For a Thanksgiving twist, use sweet potatoes.

Light the Menurkey – Yes there is such a thing. Many clever people have created a turkey menorah to commemorate the event. You can buy one at

Give thanks! On this day you can express thanks for your friends, family and the many blessings in your life but as a Jew you can be even more thankful for the miracle that you celebrate during Hanukkah. Plus, you can play dreidel with Gelt and get 8 days of presents thereafter.

Have fun with costumes.

What a silly gesture it would be to put a yarmulke on your turkey costume or payis on your pilgrim costume. Surely your guests will see the humor in your creative dress for Thanksgivukkah.

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August 22, 2013 by

How They Became Scary: A History of Halloween Icons

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We all know that vampires were inspired by Bram Stoker’s Dracula. That witches have been conjuring spells since medieval times. Mummies, of course, are Pharaohs from ancient Egypt that are back from the dead. We all know the stories behind these common Halloween creatures. But the origins of icons such as the black cat, the scarecrow, and the Jack O’lantern are still a mystery.

We see these creatures every year in the form of Halloween costumes, but nobody knows why they are a part of the holiday. With Halloween right around the corner, let’s take a trip through history and discover the story behind these famous Halloween icons.

The Black Cat

Black cat on pumpkin

It’s a tale of father and son. In the England during the late 1500s, in the town of Lincolnshire, a father and son were walking through a field late one night and crossed paths with a black cat. They were startled by the sight of this little feline and began throwing rocks at it until it ran way injured. Allegedly, the cat ran into the house of a woman neighbor who people believed was a witch.

The next morning the same father and son were walking through town and happened to see this woman walking down the street. They noticed that she had a limp and an injured leg. Considering that everyone already thought she was a witch, they immediately assumed that the woman was the same cat they saw in the field last night. Word quickly spread and all of England soon knew that the witches of Lincolnshire had the power to turn into black cats.

The association between black cats and witches was brought to America by the Pilgrims. They were a devoutly religious people and very superstitious. They believed that since witches could turn into cats that they were a sign of the devil and therefore evil. They would shriek in terror at the mire sight of a black cat.

This superstition officially became a part of American culture at the end of the 17th century, during the Salem Witch Trials. People of the town believed that many witches turned into black cats to escape persecution. So they began slaughtering them in droves. After that the black cat forever became synonymous with witches.

Now you know whenever you see a little witch running through the neighborhood trick-or-treating, you can bet that a black cat isn’t too far behind.

The Scarecrow

scarecrows in a field

Since Halloween always falls on October 31st we happen to celebrate this holiday every year during the fall harvest. With over 2.2 million farms in this country, October has always been a month for farmers to sell off the crops they’ve grown over the summer. Scarecrows are one farmer’s most valuable tools. They scare rodents and birds away from their crops so they don’t eat them. Since we celebrate Halloween during a time when the farmer’s crops are at their most ripe, you’ll never go through a Halloween season without seeing a scarecrow.

The first scarecrows were used in ancient Egypt over three thousand years ago. Farmers would plant large wooden planks that looked like people in the Nile River to scare fish into their traps. Often trading with the Greeks, they too adopted this custom and from there the use of the scarecrow spread through out ancient Europe.

During medieval times, Europeans gave scarecrows supernatural qualities. In Italy they decorated their scarecrows with skulls because not only would they scare off birds, but they believed it would scare off disease as well.  In Germany, farmers would make wooden witches and stick them in the fields so that they could absorb evil spirits and allow spring to come again after winter.

Naturally, this farming tradition trickled over into the United States starting with the Pilgrims and developing with the mass immigration of Europeans. Immigrants from Germany who settled in Pennsylvania used to make human looking scarecrows and since they were meant to scare animals they referred to them as a bootzamon aka boogeyman.

So with its history of being a prop to scary away animals, it only seemed natural to adopt this classic farming tool into the spooky festivities of the Halloween season.

The Jack O’lantern

Carved Pumpkins on Porch

Let’s take a trip to ancient Ireland, where Halloween was born.

The holiday was known as Samhain. Later known as All Hollow’s Eve, at the end of the fall harvest the early Gaels believed that when winter was approaching the dead would rise from the grave and interact with them. This wasn’t a scary time because they believed that the ghosts who would visit them were family members who passed away.

One of the traditions of Samhain was for children to carve faces into turnips. They were considered presents for these spirits. It was these small turnips that would soon evolve into what is known today as the Jack O’lantern.

When the Irish immigrated to America during the 1800s, they brought along this tradition of carving turnings. However, they soon discovered the pumpkins were more abundant in the US than turnips and that they were much easier to carve.
When Americans first began celebrating Halloween they took this tradition and added it to their own festivities. They didn’t have a name for these small carved pumpkins, so they decided to call it a Jack O’lantern as a sign for respect to its country of origin, Ireland.

Back to the present day

Welcome back! So now you know a little bit more about where some of our Halloween traditions got their start. You know the reason why people run the other way when they see a black cat. You know why scarecrows make you shake in your boots. And you now know why you’ll always see glowing Jack o’lanterns on everyone’s porch when All Hollow’s Eve draws near.

Have a happy Halloween!

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August 16, 2013 by

Summer is Over, Halloween is Coming. Are You Ready?

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pumpkinThe Halloween Season is here. For those of you who cling to summer as if your life depended on it, this is a sad but true fact. You cannot turn back the clock. The season is thrust upon us with unavoidable reality. It may still be 80 degrees outside but the signs are everywhere. You’re house is suddenly quiet because your kids have returned to school. Also, I bet you were late for work several days in a row because you’re still trying to time it so you don’t get stuck behind the school buses. But the kids returning to school isn’t even the most obvious sign that autumn is upon us. It’s all of the fall merchandising in our retail stores.

By mid August the summer items at my local supermarket were on clearance and picked clean to make way for an entire isle of Halloween candy. I can’t walk into drug stores, or big box retailers without being overcome by the smell of pumpkin and apple pie scented candles, and every farm market is selling with mums and winter cabbage. Last week, at my local pharmacy, as I rounded the corner toward the isle that sells back to school supplies I noticed it was completely transformed into a fall shopping fest. There were autumn wreaths, scarecrows, candles, plaques, candy, ceramic jars shaped like pumpkins, squash and gourds, and all of the yellow, brown, burgundy, and deep green I could handle while wearing a sundress and flip flops. I still hadn’t bought school supplies!! Now I need Halloween costumes and candy. Somebody stop the clock!

So even though it takes me some time, I accept what all the store merchandising is telling me. Summer is ending. September 21 may be the first official day of fall but summer is now unofficially over. Soon, I’ll feel that first morning chill that will clearly define the start of autumn. As I sadly say farewell to the warmth of the sun I look forward to our cache of Halloween candy, the warming fires in the patio fire pit and big roomy sweaters that hide the Halloween candy weight. And just as I have come to accept all that Halloween stuff in the stores so early I also accept the fact that I truly do love autumn and Halloween even if I have to give up my flip flops.

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July 23, 2013 by

Best New Kids Costumes for 2013

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For some kids,Halloween is just as anticipated as their birthday or Christmas.  That’s in part due to the fact that they’ll be swimming in candy and treats by the end of the night.  But we like to think that kids go crazy over Halloween because of the costumes.   There are so many to choose from!  Year after year, thanks to new movies and characters, there are more costumes to choose from.  And picking a costume can either make or break Halloween.  Here is our list of surefire hits this for Boys and Girls Halloween Costumes this season:

  1. Disney Princesses Belle.  Cinderella.  Ariel.  Aurora.  Rapunzel.  Merida.  Even Tinkerbell! Any and all of them.  Don’t be surprised if you can’t get your little princess to take one of our Disney princess costumes off.
  2. Power Rangers Costumes – There’s no better group costume for friends or siblings.  No matter which of the colorful Power Rangers your kids suit up as, they’ll be sure to kick some major butt at any costume contest!
  3. Monster High Costumes. If your tweens have all of the dolls and accessories, these Monster High costumes will complete their collection.  Let them channel their inner ghoul as their favorite Monster High character whether it’s Frankie Stein, Ghoulia Yelps or any of the other teenage ghouls!
  4. Iron Man Costumes. Iron Man 3 was a hit this summer.  Every time a new Iron Man movie premieres, Mr. Stark gets more and more popular with boys and girls of all ages.
  5. Jake and the Neverland Pirates Costumes. The Disney Channel is known for their children’s programing.  Peter Pan earned a lot of new friends with the continued success of Jake and the Neverland Pirates.  Now both girls and boys can pirate their own adventure this Halloween as Jake or Izzy!
  6. Spiderman Costumes.  This webslinger has been a classic costume since his debut!  Don’t we all wish that one of our bug bites this summer morphed us into a superhero.  Kids are learning more about Peter Parker and his superhero alter ego with the latest reboot of the franchise.
  7. Minecraft Costumes for kids. If you can’t pull your little one away from this video game, these Minecraft costumes are a no brainer.  There is no need to collect the supplies to create these textured block looks.  Let us take the work out of playing this game in real life this Halloween.
  8. Novi Stars Girls Costumes. Much like Monster High, the Novi Stars aren’t just dolls anymore and are taking over the internet.  These pretty space aliens may be dying to live like all of the human girls, but this Halloween will be all about looking out of this world.  From Una Verse to Alie Lectric, the girls are all here!
  9. Superman Costumes -Boys will be boys and Superman will always be the supreme superhero.  This summer, with the premiere of Man of Steel, the superhero seemed more human than ever.  It’s no surprise why this character’s look will be the most worn this Halloween.
  10. Ninja Turtles Costumes – Although the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were popular back in the 1980s and 1990s, they’re making a comeback.  Let your little one decide if he (or she) is a Leonardo, Raphael, Michelangelo or Donatello!There you have it, our picks for top kids costumes this Halloween!  Don’t forget: these costumes are so hot they’re guaranteed to sell out, fast!  Pre-order your kid’s costumes now so that he or she doesn’t miss out on these popular looks!
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May 3, 2013 by

What to Expect from the ‘Man of Steel’ Premiere

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Hot on the heels of Marvel’s latest Iron Man installment comes DC Comic’s answer.  Man of Steel, the reboot of the Superman story, premieres June 14, 2013 and I can guarantee this isn’t the Superman you’ve grown to know and love.

Superman is no stranger to the big screen but there are significant differences with this reboot.

Henry Cavill as Superman

For one, Henry Cavill is the first non-American to be cast as the Man of Steel himself.  For some, there will be no other Superman than Christopher Reeves but you can’t blame DC Comics for trying.

Laurence Fishburne as Perry White

Another casting first involves Daily Planet editor Perry White.  Laurence Fishburne is the first African American to play the role.  Just like Samuel L. Jackson’s portrayal of Nick Fury, these casting choices are bringing a whole layer to the iconic characters.

Henry Cavill as Clark Kent

And lastly, you’re not going to see any green Kryptonite in this summer blockbuster.  The film’s director, Zach Snyder, revealed that, in this story about the hero’s origin, he has more human-like insecurities and weaknesses, stemming from the fact that he’s just trying to fit in on this planet.

What to expect:  Instead of embracing his superhuman powers and abilities, Clark Kent lives an isolated life.  Really, he’s just trying to fit in, fly below the raider.

“My father believed that if the world found out who I really was, they’d reject me… out of fear. He was convinced that the world wasn’t ready. What do you think?” – Clark Kent

That is until General Zod, from Krypton, comes to wreak havoc on Earth.  Clark becomes Superman in order to defend the only home he’s ever known, with a little extra motivation in the form of Lois Lane (Amy Adams).  And finally the hero is born.

“You just have to decide what kind of man you want to grow up to be, Clark. Whoever that man is, he’s going to change the world.” – Jonathan Kent

It’s clear this isn’t the Superman Christopher Reeves or Brandon Routh portrayed but watching the trailer has me pumped for this reboot.  See for yourself:

Excited now?  I think it’s time to prove it.

It’s become a trend to dress up.  There are conventions, theme parties and now, movie premieres.  If you’re going to the midnight premiere (or any showing) of Man of Steel don’t forget your own man (or woman) of steel look!

You could go all out with a head to toe transformation.  Costumes like the ones below are the perfect quality for any convention so you know they’ll stand out at this blockbuster’s premiere.

Superman CostumeSupergirl Costume

If you don’t want to stand out but still want to fit in with all of the other enthusiastic fan, there’s a perfect alternative.  These Superman t-shirt shirts are more wearable than the full costumes.  They still have the classic Superman logo on the chest.

Supergirl T-ShirtSuperman T-Shirt

If you see this movie in costume or not, we’d love to hear what you thought of this must-see reboot.

But most importantly, who is your favorite Superman?

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March 18, 2013 by

Ways to Use Costumes When Playing April Fool’s Day Pranks

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The things you can do to play practical jokes on people for April Fools Day are endless. When you add scary or humorous costumes to the mix and makes the joke even better.

Zombie Apocalypse

Get yourself all done up with Zombie Makeup and a Zombie costume and head over to your friend’s house. Just before arriving, pull over where your car cannot be seen and call them up in a frantic panic. Tell your friend that you just heard a report on the radio that a virus was stolen from quarantine from a local hospital that can zombify people. Most likely, your friend won’t believe you but that’s OK. Scream out, “Oh my god, I think I see one!” and hang up. Then, speak up to your friends house and scare the daylights out of them in your zombie costume.

The Cubicle Clown Surprise

You will need to enlist the help of your coworkers for this one. You will also need to work in an office that has cubicles high enough that you can’t see over them when seated. When your coworker goes out to lunch, Dress up in a clown costume and sit in his/her chair. Have your other coworkers fill the cubicle with balloons. You will need many and it helps to have an air pump to speed things up. Fill the cube with balloons until you are completely buried. When your coworker returns from lunch he/she will love the balloon prank but the real surprise will come when you jump out and surprise them in your clown costume. This is especially good for people who are afraid of clowns.

cubicle filled with balloons

Oh My Goodness, You’re Pregnant!

Obviously this one is for women only. This April Fools Day joke is perfect for college students home for spring break, single women or for women that are past child bearing age. It works best if you plan to see people you haven’t seen in at least 3 months. All you’ll need is a belly attachment, readily available at online costume shops as a “Santa Belly.” Put is on under an oversized top or maternity top and test your acting skills. You can act nonchalant as if everyone knows your pregnant and see if they say something. Rub your belly for emphasis. If you get questioned say something like, “yeah, I guess I’ve been pretty busy since I last saw you.” The great thing about this gag is that you can make up so many different stories. I actually saw my college friend pull this prank on her boyfriend from home, who she had not seen since leaving for college in September. Of course, this was before Facebook and Instagram so it was easy to believe she was keeping a secret.

If you can think of a great April Fool’s Day joke or prank that involves a costume or disguise, let us know about it.

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March 7, 2013 by

How to Catch a Leprechaun on St. Patrick’s Day

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Leprechaun Costume

By definition, leprechauns are mischievous little fairies. They are known to be shoemakers who hoard their earnings in a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. These wily little guys are hard to catch but if you are fortunate enough to do so, they must grant you three wishes in exchange for their release.

With St. Patrick’s Day fast approaching, you must get ready and be on the lookout. The information that follows will help you know how to spot and capture a leprechaun and what you need to do to get your three wishes before its too late.

How to Spot a Leprechaun

A leprechaun has a very distinctive look. For starters, they are typically short in stature. However, this is not always the case. There have been many a leprechaun in plain site at the local pub on St. Pat’s day disguised in a men’s leprechaun costume. If you see such a man, look very, every closely into his eyes. You will see a sparkle in a leprechaun’s eyes.

They will be wearing the traditional elfin garb consisting of a green jacket, knickers, shoes with buckles and a top hat. Sometimes they will also wear a vest, bowtie and suspenders.  The style will vary by region but one thing they all have in common is the tell-tale red beard.

How to Set a Leprechaun Trap

To catch a leprechaun, you need a good trap. Here is as video that will help you.

What to Do When you Catch a Leprechaun

There are 5 very important things to do (or not do) when you catch a leprechaun:

  1. Don’t take your eyes off of him for a second. Locking eyes will him is what holds him captive.
  2. Make your wishes but don’t be too greedy. Asking for his pot of gold is fine but asking for all the gold of all the Leprechauns in the world just isn’t fair to other leprechaun hunters.
  3. Don’t let him play his bagpipes. They are magical and will put you under their spell.
  4. Never make a 4th wish. This is a trick. If he asks you to make a fourth wish, it will nullify all your previous wishes.
  5. A leprechaun in your capture might offer you a pair of hand made shoes. Do not accept them. They are enchanted and will make you dance uncontrollably until you fall asleep, then the leprechaun gets away.

Once St. Patrick’s Day ends, your chances of catching a leprechaun greatly diminish so start hunting now. Don’t let any opportunity to celebrate go to waste because the best time to catch a leprechaun is at a St. Patrick’s Day party.

Good luck and we hope you get your leprechaun, his pot of gold and all your wishes come true.

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