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May 26, 2011 by Lara Burke

Evil Clown Costumes a Cause of Coulrophobia

Coulrophobia is the medical term for an insane fear of clowns. The evil clown costume plays off this fear, making it the ideal Halloween costume. Many people are creeped out by clowns but a small population is abnormally terrified. Even the happy circus type will elicit terror.

Clowns have given us many reasons to be scared. Take John Wayne Gacy for example. By day, he entertained at kids’ parties as Pogo the Clown and by night, he was a demented torturer, rapist and murderer. Executed in 1994, now we only have his evil zombie clown to deal with. Between serial killers and horror films its no wonder people suffer from clown phobia.

Many celebrities have admitted to being afraid of clowns too. Sean “P. Diddy” Combs has a “no clown” clause in his concert contracts. Actor, Johnny Depp was quoted in 1999 saying, “Something about the painted face, the fake smile. There always seemed to be a darkness lurking just under the surface, a potential for real evil”  Even Daniele Radcliffe, aka Harry Potter, comedienne Carol Burnett and chef Anthony Bourdain suffer from coulrophobia. I feel bad for them because chances are high that they will encounter someone in an Evil Jester Costumes one of these Halloweens.

Bands like Insane Clown Posse have taken this fear to a completely new level, revolving their sound, lyrics and costumes around a “Dark Carnival” theme called horrocore. With album names like Carnival of Carnage and a tour called House of Horror, the duo also known as Shaggy 2 Dope and Violent J wear “insane” black and white clown makeup. Costume SuperCenter will offer their newly licensed Insane Clown Posse masks on their website this Halloween.

Coulrophobia is very real! Halloween is when all of our deepest darkest fears come to life. Evil Clown costumes will give even the mildly frightened a full blown cased of coulrophobia.

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May 13, 2011 by Lara Burke

May 14th is Dance Like A Chicken Day

Put on your Chicken suits everyone because Dance Like a Chicken Day is coming on May 14th.  That’s right folks. There are many reasons to pay homage to our feathered friend through dance.

This feathered foul is very important. Thanks to them, we have some of the best jokes around. Here are my top 5:

  1. Why did the rubber chicken cross the road? To stretch her legs.
  2. Why did the chicken cross the road, roll in the mud and cross the road again ? Because he was a dirty double-crosser
  3. What happens when a hen eats gunpowder? She lays hand gren-eggs!
  4. What do you get when a chicken lays an egg on top of a barn? An eggroll!
  5. See the image below. It is just for grown ups but its OK for kids to see because they won’t get it.

And wonderful recipes too. Give this one a try for Oven Baked Fried Chicken:

Marinate 4 bone-in chicken breasts in buttermilk with a pinch of salt, pepper and Cheyenne pepper for at least 4 hours or overnight. Pat dry. Dredge in flour, dunk back in the buttermilk and roll in crushed but still crunchy Corn Flakes. Bake on a wire rack at 350 until done. Yum.

Here is a video of three people in chicken suits dancing to The Chicken Dance song as well as Aerosmith, The Village People and even Michael Jackson’s Thriller. What better way to celebrate Dance like a Chicken Day than to jam-out to such a rocking variety of music.

So put on your chicken suit costume and have a ball. To all of you I say CLUCK YOU and have a funky Dance Like a Chicken Day!

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April 21, 2011 by Lara Burke

Don’t Miss Katy Perry’s ET Costume On American Idol Tonight

Katy Perry is one of the queens of performing in costume. I just found out that she will be on American Idol tonight (4/21/2011) doing a very special one-time-only live performance of her hit ET. Why one-time, you ask? Well, apparently they costumes are so elaborate and the choreography so tricky that it would be too much of a production to do on tour. Very exciting!  The dancers will be doing a form of contortionists dancing called “bone-breaking” while dressed in very sexy alien costumes. Although Katy Perry wears several inter-galactic outfits in the ET music video, I don’t think any will be quite like what she wears tonight. You can see a sketch of it as well as sneak peaks of the dancer’s ET costumes in the video.

The following video comes courtesy of

Leave it to The California Girl to do something over the top. Honestly, I like her music and style better than Lady Gaga so I’m really happy that we will be adding a collection of official Katy Perry costumes to our Halloween costume line this year. They will be available in the next few months. In the meantime, don’t miss her performance tonight on American Idol.

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April 1, 2011 by Lara Burke

April 1st is So Much More Than April Fools Day

Congratulations! By opening this blog you are now the winner of a BRAND NEW CAR!!  Not! Happy April Fools Day everybody! This rite of spring began way back in 1760. Every April 1st we look forward to playing a good trick on our friends and family but did you know that April First is so much more than a day for practical jokes? It is actually full of celebrations. Here is a list of all the wonderfully inconsequential things we can celebrate on this day:

  • National Fun Day – Like we need an excuse or a special day to have fun??
  • St. Stupid’s Day – This is celebrated in San Francisco, featuring the annual St. Stupid’s Day Parade. I bet this parade is loaded with people in ridiculous and humorous costumes
  • Boomer Bonus Day – this is a holiday for baby boomers over 50 who don’t like to celebrate birthdays anymore. If you have an AARP card, this is your day!
  • National Sourdough Bread Day – YUMS!
  • National Sorry Charlie Day – the perfect day if you happen to find yourself SOL. If you have even been rejected and lived to tell about it, Happy Sorry Charlie Day to you!
  • It is also the first day of National Pooper Scooper week so get out there and clear your yard of doggie landmines and pick up after your adorable pet because its messes are not so cute.

If you are the recipient of a practical joke today I hope you take in with the humor in which is was intended and if you play an April Fools joke I hope it’s a darn good one. But after all the fools are played, celebrate one of these other fun, offbeat holidays

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March 11, 2011 by Lara Burke

Food Costumes Have Invaded My Dreams

You’ve go to hear my bizarre dream about Food costumes.  So I’ve been on a diet for about a month now and the urge to resist junk food has become overwhelming. As I eat my celery sticks and prepare my special food, the memory of potato chips and Snickers haunt me, but not as much as the Pizza Man in my dreams. I don’t mean a cute guy carrying a large pie with extra cheese, I’m taking a man in a Pizza Slice Costume, chasing me while yelling “eat me, eat me!”

The dream played out like a football game. No doubt my husband was watching sports highlights as I was dozing off. So, Pizza Man is chasing me and my escape depends on my speed along with an offensive line of assorted vegetables and fruits (yes, with legs too) blocking the pizza.   But in the blink of an eye, Raman Noodles, Twix and a Taco join Pizza. I’m getting breathless and feel me will power weakening. Halfway down the field, Orange got squeeze and Broccoli, well he just plain stinks. Just when I though all hope was lost, Banana gave them the slip and the junk food was laying on the field like a pile of garbage.  In case you are wondering, yes, this was an actual dream. When you are surrounded by Halloween costumes for a living, this is what happens).

Nevertheless, I woke up this morning victorious and 2 pounds lighter. Food costumes have helped me face my demons and stick to my weight loss GOAL!

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February 23, 2011 by Lara Burke

Men in Bear Costumes Free Baby Panda – What’s Next?

In China, conservationists dressed  in panda bear costumes to minimize the human impact while releasing pandas to a a nature preserve. Although this may have been a necessary consideration,  it is still amusing and definitely not something you see everyday. I love animals just as much as the next person so it got me thinking about other situations in which large animal costumes could be worn for the consideration of the real animals and animal conservation.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Men can wear Turkey costumes and chicken suits to minimize the trauma of human interference while the poultry make their way from the farm to the dinner table.
  • A cowboy can put on a horse costume and wear a saddle while another cowboy rides him to show wild horses how much fun it is to be broken and tamed.
  • Rock climbers can wear Eagle costumes while scaling mountain sides so they don’t disturb the natural scenery or frighten the wildlife.

Can you think of any others…perhaps about a monkey suit, lion, tiger or even a raccoon? If so, drop us a comment and let us know. In the meantime, you can find all kinds of animal costumes for men,women and children at Costume SuperCenter.

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February 15, 2011 by Lara Burke

Alternative Marvel Costume DLC Packs for Marvel Vs. Capcom 3

As days go by, Capcom is releasing more details about the new downloadable content for Marvel Vs. Capcom 3: The Fate of Two Worlds. Most recent details reveal that gamers will be able to download alternative costumes for all of the Marvel characters starting on March 1st. The alternative Marvel Superhero Costumes will cost 400 Microsoft points on Xbox Live and $5 on PSN. has an amazing collection of screenshots showing the alternate Marvel costumes for each character. The buzz is so big that the gaming world expects Mavel vs. Capcom DLC costume to outsell the Street Fighter 1 Alternative Costume DLC Pack.  We would only wish that these costumes would be available for us to sell in the real world but its just for the video games.  Either way they are really amazing so check them out!

There are however, new variations of Superhero Halloween costumes available for 2011 for men and boys. Among them are the new Captain America costume and Thor, The Mighty Avenger costume, both based on the style from the upcoming movies.  Keep this in mind when shopping for Halloween costumes or Comic-Con.

We’re looking forward to playing Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and seeing these costume first hand, in addition to kicking some virtual butt Superhero style.

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February 8, 2011 by Lara Burke

Super Bowl Uniforms for Kids at Costume SuperCenter

From the moment the players ran on the field in their Super Bowl Uniforms you could just feel the tension and excitement.  It was a tough fight to get to the Super Bowl but the Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburgh Steelers did it. This year, cheese was stronger than steel. Green Bay held the lead for the entire game with the Steelers close behind at the end.   In the end it was the Packers who took home the Lombardi trophy and Arron Rodgers who was the MVP.

Chances are, if you have sons, they were glued to the TV. Hopefully you let them stay up late to see the big finish. If they were wearing their Green Bay Packers or Pittsburg team jerseys it probably made them feel like part of the experience. Imagine if they were wearing the entire uniform? Costume SuperCenter is proud to carry the Franklin Sports Team Uniforms for ten of the top teams in the NFL, including the Green Bay Packers Football costume and the Steelers costume.  The other teams are: Cowboys, Giants, Eagles, Colts, Raiders, Dolphins, Patriots, Jets.

The football uniform costumes feature pants, a jersey, a helmet and shoulder pads. Not only are they officially licensed by the NFL but they are customizable to your favorite player. You can customize the helmet and jersey with adhesive and iron on numbers. You get sheets with enough numbers to be any player. Boys who are Steelers fans can make their costume #43 for Troy Polamalu. Green Bay fans can be #12. The football costumes are perfect for wearing during games, for dress up play and for Halloween

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December 29, 2010 by Lara Burke

Sick of Winter? Costumes Cure Cabin Fever

Stay inside. Play with costumes

If you live on the east coast you are probably still digging out from the nearly 30 inches of snow that fell the day after Christmas. In other parts of the country there has been rain and flooding. It is no fun at all and everyone is longing for spring to bring the warm weather, the sun in their face, flowers blooming and children playing outside. In the meantime, everyone is cooped up inside, dreaming of spring. Costume SuperCenter has some fun suggestions for the whole family for curing cabin fever in costume:

  • Pop a Disney movie into the DVD player and dress the kids in matching Disney costumes. Encourage them to act out the movie as they watch it. Have your own video camera ready to film their performance. After the movie they can watch their own production.
  • Make a blanket fort in the family room and turn it into whatever the kids desire. It can be a princess’ castle, a superhero’s fortress or a wild animal’s cave. Put the kids in costume according to their whim. A fort is always a big hit.
  • Turn Dad into a human dart board. Our dart board costume has a foam tunic and velcro darts. The kids will love this game! To make it even more fun, dad can be a moving target.
  • Put the kids to bed and put on a naughty costume for adults only.

Whatever you decide, try to get everyone away from the computer and the video games and up on their feet. Time goes by faster when you are active and interacting with others. Cabin fever is 100 times worse when you’re board so keep in mind that a bit of imagination and motion makes you healthy, happy and busy.

Tying our suggestions is easy because this time of year there so hundreds of costumes at clearance and discounted prices. They are fun for everyone. Costumes make great gifts and toys and they are the perfect cure for the winter doldrums.

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November 19, 2010 by Lara Burke

Disguise Costumes Win Hasbro’s Coveted Spud Award

For the second consecutive year the costume manufacturer, Disguise has won the Spud Award for “Soft Goods Licensee of the Year.” A portion of their Halloween costumes for children and adults are based on Hasbro Brand toys such as My Little Pony, Transformers, GI Joe and games like Scrabble, Candyland, Twister and Mr. Potato Head. Costume SuperCenter proudly carries all of these costumes plus many more by Disguise.

Creating costumes based on toys and games is a clever way to bring the product to life. Its one thing to take a character such as Transformers and make a Bumblebee Costume but it takes another level of talent to translate a Scrabble board into a Halloween Costume dress with letter tile accessories or make a Women’s Candyland Dress look sexy. For this alone they deserve the award.

In addition to the creative costume offerings, Disquise has a great way of delivering quality while keeping budget in mind.  So Congratulations to Disguise. Take a moment to check out some of their costumes on our website. Here are some of our favorites:

Womens Sassy Deluxe Twister CostumeMens Deluxe Mr. Monopoly CostumeWomens Sassy Deluxe Candyland Cosutme

Womens Sassy Deluxe Scrabble CostumeBoys Transformers Dlx Bumblebee CostumeChildrens Mr. and Mrs Potato Head Costumes

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